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  • 1. COMX website Service COMX website (called " COMX website " below) is provided by COMX CORP . Information and data related to construction equipment are available to individual and corporate members of COMX website through this service.
  • 2. Membership
    • (1) One who applies for the membership of the COMX website shall agree with "Terms and Conditions for COMX website" and be accepted by COMX CORP.
    • (2) COMX CORP. reserves the right to reject any applications.
    • (3) When the registration is completed, a confirmation letter of member registration is sent to the applicant by e-mail.
    • (4) Membership cannot be sublet nor transferred to the third party.
  • 3. ID and Password Security
    • (1) It needs to issue one ID per one client PC. It is NOT allowed that users log in at the same time while using same ID.
    • (2) Members are responsible for keeping their IDs and passwords secure.
    • (3) IDs and passwords are not transferable.
    • (4) COMX CORP. is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the misuse or unauthorized use of IDs and passwords by members or third parties.
    • (5) If a member forgets the ID and/or password, she/he shall inquire COMX CORP. from "Forget Your Password?" form.
  • 4. Prohibitions
    The following practices are prohibited with respect to the use of COMX website, regardless the reasons.
    • (1) Slander, defamation, infringing on copyright against, or inflicting a loss to COMX CORP., its members, or a third party
    • (2) Acts which compromise the ID and/or password security (Leaking ID and/or password)
    • (3) Acts which cause or potentially cause disorder to the public
    • (4) Acts which are against the law
    • (5) Acts which hinder the operation of COMX website services
    • (6) Acts against COMX Net Terms and Conditions
  • 5. Suspension of Membership and Compensation
    • (1) COMX CORP. reserves the right to suspend a membership with no prior notification in the following cases: (a) COMX CORP. recognizes a breach in respect of Article 4 by a COMX website member.
      (b) False information is provided in a membership application.
      (c) COMX CORP. recognizes acts against the "Terms and Conditions for COMX website "and additional services.
      In the cases listed above, paid membership fee is not refundable.
    • (2) A member who makes a breach shall pay compensation (minimum USD 500,000) for any damages or losses to COMX CORP. caused by the breach of one or more "Terms and Conditions for COMX website."
  • 6. Duty of Notification A COMX website member is required to report any changes in name, address, or other information given on the application form to COMX CORP. upon the occurrence of such change(s).
  • 7. Termination of Membership A COMX website member may terminate the membership with a notice one month in advance. The paid annual membership fee is not refundable.
  • 8. Suspension, Alternation, and Termination of Service Notwithstanding our effort to facilitate smooth operations, services may be suspended, altered, or terminated due to power failure, emergency maintenance, disaster, or other reasons by the decision of COMX CORP.
  • 9. Exclusions
    • (1) COMX CORP. is not liable in any way should you encounter any problems caused by alteration, suspension, or termination of COMX website services.
    • (2) COMX CORP. shall not guarantee the accuracy or the reliability of data or information provided through our service.
    • (3) COMX CORP. shall not be liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of our service.
    • (4) COMX CORP. shall not be liable for any disputes, damages, expenses, claims, and costs that users or members may incur or suffer in connection with the use of our service.
  • 10. Amendment
    • (1) The terms and conditions for additional services that COMX CORP. notifies members shall constitute a part of this "Terms and Conditions."
    • (2) COMX CORP. notifies COMX website members of any changes in or additions to the "Terms and Conditions" on our net site.
I have read and agreed with the registartion terms.
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